Corporate Guest House the best economical option for Companies

In spite of all modern technologies of communication, business travel is essential part of Corporate Life.

Business travellers move around with short notices for meetings or for projects. The stay duration can be as short as 1-2 days while the project can be as long as 6 months to 1 year. Every Company strives to give best comfort for their travelling executives. This not only brings out effective performance of the individual but also builds image and reputation of the Company. While doing so many Corporates analyze their data and realize that over a period of time substantial amount of room nights are consumed. The data further reveals that the room nights are concentrated in few of the major cities. To make this re-accruing event cost effective (without compromising the reputation and image of the Company) the concept of Corporate Guest House evolved.

The Corporate Guest Houses give homely touch to the stay, which is always missing, in the hotels. If professionally managed the Guest Houses can build the image and loyalty among their employees. HR can effectively use this by offering initial stay to relocating new joinees. This surely shows a welcoming feel to the new employee and builds his confidence in the Company, with which he has opted to make his career.

The Corporate Guest House is always available at the disposal of the Company in odd times. This facility can further be utilized for small get together, meetings, team building activities, etc.

Hence, having a Corporate Guest House is a great advantage for any Company as it is the best economical option and caters to all customized accommodation requirements for travelling professionals to and fro from local, national and international office destinations. Such Guest House can be designed to suit the type of setup the Company requires for a clean, comfortable and safe stay for its Executives

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Corporate Guest House the best economical option for Companies

In spite of all modern technologies of communication,[......]